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Pakistani, Indian Ethnic Jewellery by Moons Couture, Buy Online

Specialists in Stunning Desi Jewellery

Women’s love affair with the jewellery is as old as the human civilization itself. They have always adorned to look their absolute best. Jewellery is meant to enhance the beauty and instill confidence in every woman. Sophisticated designs of jewellery pieces do not just represent the incredible craftsmanship and devoted attention to detail, but also symbolize diverse spiritual and cultural traditions followed in different parts of the worlds and religions. For women all over the world, importance of accessorizing themselves with jewellery is undeniable.



At Moons Couture, we bring those dreams to reality by providing custom tailored traditional and contemporary gold plated Indian, Asian, Pakistani bridal/casual jewellery involving various valuable and stunning metals. We use precious, semi precious stones, ruby, crystals, pearls, glass pearls and real fresh water pearls to enhance the look and design of our enchanting collection.

Turning a concept into design require some important and detailed steps. We provide in person and online consultation to understand your requirements and can tailor make the jewellery according to your inclination and taste. Artisans that create such breath taking jewellery by hand using a fusion of ancient and new techniques are revered around the world.

Let’s have a detailed look at the products that our experts put their heart and soul into, to satisfy your quest for ultimate adornment.

Bridal Jewellery Sets

Marriage is a special occasion for anyone but, if you are a woman with Indian subcontinent roots then its way more than that. It’s a sacred bond and the most important day of her life. Preparations start months before the wedding and the most important part is choosing the right jewellery.  An Indian, Pakistani bride is usually decked up from head to toe in bridal jewellery that complements her attire and her personality.

Raanya Bridal collection

Raanya Bridal collection

There is a range of jewellery that Indian women wear on the auspicious occasion of wedding including Teeka, Tiara, Hair accessories, Earrings, Nose ring (Nath), Necklace, Long Necklace, Armbands, Bangles, Finger rings, Ring bracelet, Waistband, anklets and toe rings and the good news is that our highly trained and experienced jewellery makers does a magicians act by creating stunning designs of each of the article mentioned above.

Wedding/Casual Ring

Whether it is created for wedding day or just a casual occasion, a ring is always meant to capture the moment and bring you and your partner lifelong memories of one of the most auspicious day to remember.

Shopping from Moons Couture not only means you are buying the highest quality wedding rings but it also means that you are presenting the best gift to someone you dearly love and care about. We have countless designs that compliment different occasions and different personalities. We can create made to order rings to satisfy the style conscious lot.


The most revered item in a woman’s jewellery arsenal is her necklace. Nothing symbolizes the status as a well-finished necklace does. Nothing in the world dazzles a man’s eye more than a glittering well-made sophisticated necklace on the neck of a beautiful woman.

We specialize in ethnic Indian, Pakistan, Bengali and Rajhistani jewellery and can create spectacular and awe-inspiring designs. Our confidence upon our skilled artisans is so high that we encourage people to bring their designs so our magicians can work their magic to create astonishing designs.




Bracelets are one of the most treasured accessories of women’s fashion. Tradition of wearing bracelets or bangles may be centuries old but it has never gone out of style. They are still considered to be the greatest symbol of femininity and bring out an absolute look of elegance and grace. Our engravers and jewellery makers leave no stone unturned to make that important part of ornament the most treasured piece you own. You can either check our extensive list of designs already crafted by our artisans by pouring their heart and soul in them or can order your own style by consultation.


There is hardly anything else that can enhance and highlight the elegance and style of a woman’s facial beauty than earrings. No wonder earrings have become one of the most intricately worked parts of jewellery and have their own important place. We put a great deal of effort to create traditional style exquisite and glamorous earrings to fulfill your sense of style.

Party Wear Jewellery

Gone are the days when the jewellery was only to be worn at weddings and so on. In today’s world, we look for a reason to celebrate life and parties are a common occurrence. Bridal jewellery is considered a little too heavy for such occasions and you require something to help you feel light on your feet and that’s where party wear jewellery comes for rescue. We have countless designs of party wear on display that are not as heavily designed as bridal wear but are no less exquisite and have the same glamour and allure to make you stand out of crowd.

Desi Bridal Jewellery

Desi Bridal Jewellery

Engagement Jewellery

First step towards the big day requires a lighter but charming piece of jewellery on display to enhance the attraction and we have just the right engagement jewellery for you in this regard. Our range of engagement jewellery is focused on keeping your look semi casual but at the same time stunningly stylish. You can either choose our designs or go for your own with consultation.

Kundan Jewellery

One of our specialties is Kundan jewellery and our artisans can create amazing pieces of jewellery with that timeless jewellery material. We have an array of dazzling Kundan sets and other fascinating jewellery items that can set you apart from the rest. You can have a look at the vast collection of the jewellery online or can book a consultation to create your own timeless classic.

Our Social Responsibilities

We are an ethical business that does its best to keep its business as fair as possible. We understand that apart from satisfying our esteemed customers we have other responsibilities to fulfill as well. We have established an ethics division within the business that is responsible to ensure that any material we acquire is free of any child labor or any un ethical activity. We are proud to have 0 child labor involved in any of our processes.

Delivering wherever you are

With years of experience in the business, we now have confidence to ship the articles anywhere in the world. So, you can choose the jewellery from our website and order it to be delivered anywhere in the world and we would ensure that it reaches you on time and in complete safety. We ship to over 160 countries including US, Australia, Canada, Europe and all over UK.

Pakistani Jewellery Collection

Pakistani Jewellery Collection

100% Customer Recommendation

Such is our confidence on our products that we give a limited warranty on our non-discounted items on sale. Any defect and you can send it back to us without hesitation to be either repaired or replaced. This is the reason we have 100% customer recommendation as the trust upon our products and us growing every day.

Adornment History

The art of beautification through adornment goes back to primitive man who decorated itself with flowers and beads, engraved wood, chiseled shell and sculpted bone and stone. As the time progressed, so has the choice of material for the adornment. From ivory to copper and semi-precious stones to eventually, it settled on silver, gold and precious stones like diamonds. From prehistoric times jewellery has always been worn as not only for beautification purposes but also as a mark of status and rank.

Turning towards metals and learning to work with them was an evolution that impacted the world in more than one way. With the passing time metalworking techniques became more sophisticated and ornamentation more intricate. Even from medieval times, jewellery was used to differentiate divisions between hierarchical and status conscious society. Royals and nobles wore gold, silver and precious gems, while mere mortals and commoners wore base metals, such as copper and so on. There was a strong belief that some metals can even protect the wearer from bad luck.

Trends kept changing with the evolution of time as advances in cutting techniques increased the splendor of stones. Spectacular pieces were carved out of affection of religion or political gains. Mythical figures and scenes were engraved in the metal and stones to show the religious and political affections. Industrial revolution brought a new influx of techniques to jewellery making and it took a drastic turn in shape and beautification of metals and the art of jewellery making never looked back.

Pakistani Jewellery Sets

Pakistani Jewellery Sets

A Brief History of Pakistani/Indian Jewellery

Indian jewellery is as old as Indian civilization itself. Mohenjo-Daro and ruins of Indus valley civilization which dates back to around 5000 years along with references in literature , text on myths, legends and chronicles provide the evidence of a traditional age old love affair with the art of making and wearing jewellery. For more than two centuries, India was the sole supplier of gemstones to the world. Golconda diamonds, sapphires from Kashmir and pearls from the Gulf of Mannar were coveted and drew merchants across land and sea to India. For the Maharajas, jewels were a statement of power, prosperity and prestige. For Indian women though, it was a different story. Jewellery was and is considered a social and economic security, the value of which will almost always appreciate, never depreciate. Highly ornamental gold jewellery is passed from one generation to another as a legacy to be displayed during weddings or social events. Jewelers had to be fairly clinical to honor the importance of jewellery in this culture. They invented new ways and techniques to create more intricate and splendid designs. Diamond drill was invented in India and revolutionized the finishing process of the stone and later was taught to Romans.

Just by looking at the jewellery that was made and wore by the ancient people of Indus Valley Civilization was sophisticated lot with minutely developed aesthetic sense backed by intricate engineering skills. Arrival of the Mughal emperors brought a new dimension to the art of jewellery making. Mughals brought their own sense of style and techniques that were later perfected by the Indian craftsmen. Jadau technique and meenakari was brought in by Mughals but was adopted by local craftsmen and was perfected by them.

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