Pakistani Bridal Jewellery
Pakistani Bridal Jewellery is Trending among the UK Brides

The Latest Trend of Asian Jewellery Among Brides in UK

Wedding ceremony is the most significant event in a girl’s life and no one can even imagine to consider the ceremony complete without an array of different sorts of jewellery that they adorn to stand out from the crowd. Wedding ceremony is a grand event in Pakistani community and scores of people are invited to share the joy and witness the journey that bride and groom are about to undertake.

Moons Couture can help you make your special day even more spectacular and memorable by providing you the jewellery that is designed according to the latest and top trends. Our expert and experienced craftsmen create master pieces that are intricate in design and follow the latest trends closely. We use cutting edge technology to create designs that keep the essence of century old traditions but infuse the elegant and stunning new designs as well. Even better is that with the help from the consultations of our clients, we produce the jewellery that is according to the grandeur of the wedding function and matches the traits of the personality of bride.

History and Significance of Pakistan Jewellery

Over the years Pakistani jewellery has evolved in to glitzy and magnificent master craft but it took decades for the craftsmen to perfect this art. Pakistan’s jewellery history is embedded in two distinct trajectories from two separate time periods. One is from the age of Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa which can be called the genesis and has a humble and primitive appeal and the second unfolds power and prestige mounted in the precious stones and meticulous craftsmanship from the eras of Maharajas and Mughals.

The first era laid the foundation of jewellery making; it was just an attempt to document self expression, religion and entertainment and used clay, copper and lapis as the primary material for their expression. By contrast, the material culture of Maharajas dating back to 500 years back, saw long strings of pearls cascading in varying lengths huge emeralds foiled and mounted with pure gold strips and diamonds in massive sizes set atop feathered turbans. For them, jewellery was a mean to set up a larger narrative: of royal status, court culture, patronage, politics and power.

Origins of Pakistani Jewellery

The astoundingly eloquent visual index of jewellery in Pakistan permeates through deserts, the alleys of cities, and shrines. Whether its Cholistan desert, from where the inspiration came for the bangles at full arm length that immortalized artefact belonging to the ridged untouched sand dunes and folklores of that culture. Or the pure artisan culture of Lahore that is still utilizing the immensely creative ethos of its Maharaja culture and keeps producing stunning designs. Each province and each city represent a unique and breathtaking theme and design line that keeps transforming by the passage of time and has evolved to such an extent that it has now become a benchmark for the jewellery makers to follow.

Popularity among the UK Bridal Scene

Articulate designs and sparkling gems makes way for stunning jewellery that has the ability to turn heads. Pakistani jewellery is vibrant and sparkling with intricate designs that fit with the current era. Organizations such asMoons Couturehave played a vital role to promote and show the UK audience the potential that Pakistani jewellery posses. Instead of opting for the traditional jewellery that has the design line dating back centuries, they prefer the fusion of new designs and materials brought in and used by the Pakistani craftsmen to produce stunning and breathtaking jewellery. 

Wedding is such an important occasion and Pakistani jewellery has come to the rescue by providing innovative designs with a fusion of ground breaking practices and modern designs. Bridal jewellery consist of specific jewellery items that we are about to discuss in detail.

Necklace set

A necklace set tops the list of bridal jewellery and is considered to be the highlight of the whole lot of jewellery pieces that an Indian bride adorns on her big day. A necklace set is mostly comprised of the necklace, earrings and finger ring. Every different piece of jewellery in the necklace set has its own importance and charm and every single piece of ornament creates an aura of confidence and elegance for the bride.  There could be various types of necklaces such as choker, Rani Haar, Satlada, Navratan, Gulbandh, Bib Necklace, Aadh Necklace and so on. At Moons Couture we take the cues from those timeless designs and then inject a fusion of new and innovative designs by using cutting edge technology to make it look contemporary.

Supporting the bridal sets and necklaces are the items such as ear rings that are a must have accessory to wear with bridal necklace as they both complement each other. You can choose from an array of different designs and shapes to match it with the rest of the bridal set design.

Finger ring has its own importance and helps establish a connection. Wearing the ring in the finger that is associated straight to the heart symbolizes the importance and there are many designs available to choose from.

Brides in the UK pay minute attention to every aspect of the bridal wear and leave no stone unturned in the quest of finding the perfect match with the rest of the bridal wear. Maang tikka is an essential and you can choose from jhoomer, passa, maatha patti and so on while bangles can also be matched with rest of the bridal set.

Moonscoture Bridal Sets

We specialize in creating amazingly intricate and breathtaking designs for bridal sets. Thanks to our dedicated team of craftsmen who devote their time and skills to handcraft those pieces of art with minute attention to detail. 22 K gold plated jewellery strung with real pearls and rocks make it certain that whoever adorns herself with those sets, shine like a diamond at the special occasion. A clear mark of the quality and popularity of our products is that our jewellery is now being showcased at the Je Roche Fashion House Manchester and is accumulating tremendous response. We offer private consultations to incorporate your personalized ideas so we can create the sensational bridal collection for your big day. Both online and personnel consultations are offered and can be booked either online or via phone. For our work of art, seeing is believing. Come and have a look at the handcrafted treasure at

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