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Pakistani & Indian Bracelets for Sale

Bracelets are part of the Solah Shringhar that is essential to complete the look of an adorned women and especially a bride from Indian subcontinent. It is considered bad luck if women’s arms are without any ornamental jewellery. History old traditions have helped jewellery makers create stunning pieces of jewellery that women can adorn themselves with and changes kept happening by the passage of time to improve it further.

Bracelets in Indian traditional jewellery have been popular and an essential part of culture. Every different part of Indian subcontinent has different designs that represent its traditions. In traditional jewellery, bracelets have extended to hands and arms and to some extent completely cover the whole arms. There are different types of bracelets that are created and worn since ages; let’s have a detailed look at it.

Indian and Pakistani Traditional Bracelets

Bracelets are typically not much different as they just wrap around your arm with minor changes in designs but it’s a different story with traditional Indian jewellery. Traditional bracelets are embellished with gem stones and rocks and have intricate designs to go with. Craftsmen use history old traditions to inspire ravishing and dazzling designs that can beautify the wearer.


Hathphool is an eternal and spectacular gift from the Mughal rulers of India who brought their own jewellery makers when they came to rule India and gave this sensational extension of bracelet to add in traditional jewellery that can be worn on hand. It is basically a set of intricately designed chains and finger rings and is made of precious metal. It gives a women’s hand a royal look and goes extremely well with the already henna adorned hands.


Panja is an extension of Hathphool as it extends to all five finger of the hand, hence the name Panja. Panja is made for heavily embellished look and is more suitable with traditionally embodied clothing and special occasions.


These are the small metallic chandelier like danglers that are attached to the bride’s hands by her sisters and cousins, and they signify their good wishes for the newlyweds. Traditionally bride shakes both her hands above the heads of all the unmarried girls before she leaves for the good luck of the rest of the girls yet not married. It is a piece of jewellery more suited to the weddings.

Let Moons Couture Create Handmade Bracelets for You.

Moons Couture partners with some of the most talented and traditionally trained craftsmen to create remarkable jewellery with extraordinary designs. We tailor make your bracelets to suite the occasion and your style line and you can choose the metal, gems and rocks yourself. We encourage one to one consultations either personally or online to find your style. Our outstanding jewellery designs and attention to the details means that we create bracelets that are not only unique but also astonishingly unique. You can order online for worldwide or UK wide delivery, our jewellery is now also available at Je Roche Fashion House Manchester for quick buying experience.


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