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Jewellery is something that is an integral part of any event we go to, especially Indian and Pakistani, weddings parties and celebrations. Women wear it to enhance their looks. There are many kinds of jewellery. Each type has its designs and uses depending on the event for whom it is designed. From bridal sets to engagement jewellery and Kundan jewellery, a plethora of ornament choices are available for women to choose from.

Kundan Set with Rubies

Kundan Set with Rubies

Why should you choose Moons Couture?

Everyone looks for quality when choosing a brand. The second thing people look for is the price. The third thing is the reliability and durability of the product they are going to purchase. The fourth and final thing people see is the variety of items available for them to choose from. In all the points mentioned above, Moons Couture ticks all the boxes. Our belief is delivering

What is Kundan Jewellery?

Jewellery that has original gemstones in it is called Kundan jewellery. Kundan jewellery is very famous in both Pakistan and India. The gemstone is usually included in the main necklace, but we also see it added in the earrings. Real and traditional Kundan jewellery uses refined gold that improves the overall look of the ornaments, but as of late, we’ve also seen high-quality artificial Kundan ornaments in the market as well.

Kundan Jewellery vs. Other Forms of Jewellery

As mentioned before, there are many kinds of jewellery for women to choose from like bridal sets, engagement jewellery, party jewellery, and Kundan jewellery. Kundan jewellery is arguably the most unique of the lot due to its different design and usage of real gemstones, whether artificial or gold. Artificial Kundan jewellery has an artificial design but even they use real gemstones to enhance the overall look of the bridal set.

Rose Meena Bridal

Rose Meena Bridal

Is Kundan Jewellery Gold or Artificial?

Real Kundan jewellery is made of refined gold that is formed with a pure type of molten gold. That tells a lot about the attention to detail put in the making of Kundan ornaments. In Kundan jewellery, there are many types like Kundan jewellery with rubies or Kundan ornaments with multiple kinds of gemstones. The wide variety of choices gives women a lot of options to choose from, and more options mean they can choose a set according to their taste.

What is Artificial Kundan Jewellery?

Many people think that Kundan ornaments are only made of real, refined gold, but the truth is different from this. Artificial Kundan jewellery is getting popular, especially in the last few years due to the way it looks, which is just like refined gold sets. But, good quality sets are very difficult to find, and not many have high-quality Kundan artificial jewellery. So, one should always double-check the place from which he/she should choose to buy Kundan ornaments.

Why Should Kundan Jewellery be worn?

Kundan jewellery is different from other kinds of jewellery. Although Kundan jewellery can also be worn in weddings and party events, the design and overall look of generic jewellery vary a lot from Kundan jewellery, which is what makes this kind of ornaments very popular among the local public.

Kundan Pearl Party Wear Set

Kundan Pearl Party Wear Set

If you’re going for gold Kundan jewellery, it will be a lot more expensive as it uses refined gold. But, if you are short on budget and want the same experience but for less money, we recommend going for imitation Kundan ornaments.

Important things before wearing Artificial Kundan Jewellery

The first key thing to note when buying and wearing Kundan jewellery is the price. It is a premium type of jewellery, and one must keep it with care. Jewellery, whether artificial or real, does get old with time and shine often starts going off with passing months and years. So, if you own a Kundan jewellery set that doesn’t look like a new set, we recommend don’t wearing it as it will be detrimental to the way you look.

Another important thing before wearing Kundan ornaments is design. One must be careful in choosing the right set with the ideal colour and usage of gemstones because if the dress doesn’t match with the set, it won’t improve the looks at all. Rather, one should always go for the set that compliments the dress and personality of the person wearing it.

Is it recommended to wear Kundan Artificial Jewellery?

We always recommend wearing Kundan sets as they are unique, look premium, and their design and class can’t be matched by many sets of other types. If you are tight on budget, always go for the artificial Kundan jewellery. Moreover, artificial sets cost less and are far more secure as compared to refined gold Kundan sets.

Kundan and Multi Stones Party Wear Set

Kundan and Multi Stones Party Wear Set

We also recommend only buying and wearing jewellery that lasts for a long time and doesn’t feel too cheap after being worn once or twice. That puts jewellery sellers into the fray, and Moons Couture always has the best Kundan artificial jewellery for you.

Should we buy Desi Indian & Pakistani Jewellery online?

The era we see today is one of online trading, buying, and purchasing. More and more businesses are switching online to gather more sales, and reviews mean that businesses don’t have too much room to deliver bad-quality products.

Better product reviews mean more trust of people not just in the item but also the seller. So, one should go for online jewellery but only after reading the reviews of other people on the product that have already used the product.

Finding good places, however, for buying artificial Kundan jewellery is not an easy task. Buying authentic Indian and Pakistani jewellery online that is also very durable is extremely difficult. However, we are making the Kundan jewellery seeking job much easier for you.

Where can we find good-quality Kundan Jewellery in the UK?

In a country like the UK where so many Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Afghans live, it is expected to have a huge demand for South Asian ornaments. Kundan jewellery is one of the most sought-after jewellery in the UK in South Asian communities.

Kundan Pendant Long Necklace

Kundan Pendant Long Necklace

Everybody seeks high-quality jewellery, but the quality of ornaments found in India and Pakistan couldn’t be matched in the UK. That has changed with the arrival of Moons Couture. Moons Couture is a UK-based brand operating in Milton Keynes that sells high-quality jewellery in the UK. Our jewellery is entirely Indian and Pakistani to meet the demands of the local public.

everything with excellence to make our customers happy and satisfied with our services.

Does Moons Couture Ship Worldwide?

You might’ve got the feeling that Moons Couture is UK-based and delivers only inside the UK. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Moons Couture delivers its products in more than 160 countries around the world. Our services are quick and timely. We guarantee timely delivery of ordered items and ensure a smooth and safe buying process for our customers.


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