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Engagement Jewellery  Sets for Desi Brides to Be

Engagements and Weddings go hand in hand when it comes to preparing for each one of them. Everyone wants engagements to be the best they possibly can be. The only hurdle that comes in the way of people in the budget, which is where the limits come into play.

Rahma Bridal Set

Rahma Bridal Set

Why Moons Couture?

Moons Couture specializes in high-end artificial Indian & Pakistani jewellery, which is why we are the most reliable and experienced jewelers in the entire UK. We mainly operate from Milton Keynes and have a history of supplying excellent quality jewellery to our clients. We also offer both silver and gold jewellery and have the best Pakistani and Indian jewellery in the United Kingdom.

What differentiates us from others is our quality, modern designs and our customer service, which is exemplary. Our team is always ready and prepared to respond to your inquiries. Whether you have a query about your order or any other question, you can always get in touch via our website, Instagram, or Facebook page to get your question answered by our team as quickly as possible. You can also call us directly for urgent affairs.

Order Online for UK & Worldwide Delivery

Our services are not just restricted to the UK. Moonscouture offers to ship to more than 160 countries around the world. Be it Europe, Asia, North America, or Australia, we will ensure that your order is shipped as soon as possible after it is placed. Get in touch with our experienced Moonscouture team for more information.

What is Engagement Jewellery?

Engagement ornaments are the jewellery that girls wear on events of engagement. The bride to be taking the center stage for the event can wear it, but also women present at the event can wear it. There are many different kinds of engagement jewellery available in the market. If we had to separate it all into two types, it would be gold jewellery and artificial engagement jewellery. We will explain it all down below.

Rahma Bridal Collection

Rahma Bridal Collection

Is Pakistani Engagement Jewellery different from Bridal Jewellery?

Many people believe that all kinds of ornaments can be worn in just about every event. But, the reality is far different from what people believe. Jewellery has different styles, and different events demand various styles of ornaments being worn, which is why we can find so many types of jewellery in the market. Be it bridal, engagement, birthday, or party jewellery, each event demands a unique type of jewellery to be worn.

Which Ornament Kind is best for Engagement Events?

Knowing which kind of jewellery is best for engagement events is a difficult task. It all depends on your budget. If you can afford it, everyone recommends gold jewellery as nothing gets better than original jewellery. However, if you are tight on budget but still want your jewels to look like real gold, you can go for a high-quality artificial jewellery set that is difficult to find, but we have the right solution for you later down in the article.

Artificial Ornaments Benefits

Artificial jewellery has the first advantage of being very affordable and inexpensive. It is affordable and one can purchase several high-end sets for the price of one basic gold set. That gives the buyer greater flexibility in choosing whatever ornament fits her for the engagement event.

Jewellery is arguably the most important thing in any event, and engagements are no different. Having high-quality engagement jewellery sets the benchmark for having a great event, and if the chosen ornaments go in sync with the dress and overall event theme, everything goes up a level. That is why choosing the right engagement jewellery is very important. But, before going directly on what’s best for you, let’s first look at what engagement jewellery is in detail.

Indian & Pakistani jewellery

Indian & Pakistani jewellery

If you can get your hands on finely crafted artificial jewellery, it will have the added benefit of looking just like real gold ornaments. With the addition of gold-plated artificial jewellery with gemstones that not many sellers can offer, you will be set to go to any engagement event with the best-quality ornaments you can buy.

Why Should Women Wear Artificial Jewellery for Engagements?

Artificial jewellery, if high-quality, will make sure to take your overall looks to a whole new level. Gold jewellery is always the best choice, but if short on budget, always opt for gold plated artificial jewellery or even well-made simple artificial jewellery. It is affordable, inexpensive, and better value for money, especially if you can buy it from a reliable seller.

Important Things to Remember Before Putting on Engagement Jewellery

The first important thing to remember is the condition of engagement jewellery. The ornaments should all be well-made and possess high-quality as poorly made jewellery will leave a bad impression on anyone that sees it, which isn’t something that you’d like. No one likes to have a bad experience in an event, especially when there is a fashion malfunction.

Secondly, the color and style of the sets must be in sync with the overall look of the girl to ensure that everything falls in sync with each other. That will take everything to a whole new level for the woman as far as looks go. The jewellery should in no way hamper the way the girl looks.

Desi Bridal Jewellery

Desi Bridal Jewellery

Where to Buy Artificial Engagement Jewellery?

There are two ways you can buy artificial engagement jewellery. The first is purchasing it from the market. The benefit of that is that you can see and test it out for yourself. The second option comes with purchasing an engagement set online, which has the advantage that if the seller is reliable, you can have a great deal, like Moonscouture offers. We recommend you to go for the online purchase option as it has far more options for you to choose from, but only if the seller is reliable and has a good social media presence.

Choosing the Best Engagement Jewellery Supplier for you

The best suppliers of jewellery have simply got the best products. The best products are the ones possessing the highest quality. Sellers that have good reviews from those that have already purchased from them is a good indicator for you. Moonscouture has a plethora of engagement jewellery sets to choose from that gives the customer great flexibility in choosing the best set for themselves.

Finding Engagement Jewellery in the UK

If you’re on the lookout for some excellent engagement jewellery here in the UK or abroad, Moonscouture is the ideal ornaments partner for you. We have a very long list of happy and satisfied customers and possess a wide range of engagement jewellery. From Teeka and Necklaces to silver and gold plated ornaments, we possess the best quality Indian and Pakistani engagement sets in the UK.


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