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Tikka for brides for sale

Buy tikkas from the best Pakistani and Indian jewellery experts in the UK

Moons Couture can provide you lavish and intricate designs of Tikka that can provide a touch of class and splendour at either your wedding or any other occasion. You can enjoy our refined and delicate jewellery at reasonable prices and get it delivered anywhere in the world.

A Tikka is a centrepiece of Indian and Pakistani jewellery that is latched onto the forehead. It is a significant adornment object because of its placement as it is placed at the most important place on your face and is responsible of significantly amplify the facial elegance.

Tikka for Bridal and Party Wear in Stock

Over the years, Maang Tikka has become one of the favourite jewellery pieces of Bridal, Nikkah or party occasions. Varying form oversized Kundan to the delicate ones, gorgeous Maang Tikka designs go well with a middle parted hairstyle or a high bun. There are several types of Maang Tikka such as Borla Maang Tikka, one tier Maang Tikka, multi layered Maang Tikka, Passa Maang Tikka, multi layered Maang Tikka, Chand Bali Maang Tikka, over sized Maang Tikkas and the list goes on and on and on.

Elegant Tikka Collection by Moons Couture

Good news is that at Moons Couture we are capable of designing and creating well over 30 different designs of Maang Tikkas for you and each type require same amount of artistry and dedication form our jewellery makers. You can discuss your requirements with us by booking an appointment and let us know all the intricacies that you would like to see in your Maang Tikka design and we would bring those dreams to realization. We can help you create jewellery for any occasion and if you are looking for a quick injunction of style then our collaboration with J Roche House of Fashion Manchester provide you ready to wear jewellery that you can buy on the spot and enhance your style immediately.  For ready to wear jewellery or individual designs you can contact us by phone, whatsapp or by just dropping us a line on our email.


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