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Maalas for Sale Online

Pakistani & Indian Maalas, Buy from the Indian and Pakistani Jewellery EXPERTS

Moons Couture create stunning and intricate designs of Maalas with the help of its finest and experienced Pakistani jewellery sellers in UK who invest their valuable time and dedication in creating the masterpieces to enhance your personality and help you stand out in the crowd. They can create various types of Maalas including Rejhistani style; Pakistani style multi layered clustered pearls, Egyptian style or Royal Indian look style Maalas and string them with real gem stones or beads with either precious or semi precious materials. Maalas can be worn on their own or paired with necklace and a properly made Maala can make a world of difference in a girls personality.

What is a Maala?

Mala is a traditional piece of adornment that started its life as an aid to personal meditation but gradually snuck into the fashion and is super popular with bridal and partying scene. The word Mala comes from Sanskrit and means garland and as the name suggest it’s not really a necklace but a longer piece of jewellery that goes around the neck and stays on top of the outfit.

Why Moons Couture?

Moons Couture has been gracing the UK market with its unique and outstanding designed masterpieces for years and has earned a reputation of premium Indian bridal and party jewellery outlet and has become a choice of many celebrities. We consider our clients our biggest asset and pay special attention to their needs and desires. We offer consultations before we create your jewellery so we can channel your style in to the designs that we create for you. If you are in no mood of waiting then not to worry, J Roche House of Fashion Manchester is displaying our dazzling and spectacular designs for you to buy instantaneously. You can book a consultation on the phone, whatsapp or online to discuss the design and we would be happy to accommodate you for a consultation.


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