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Buy Gold Plated Rings, Pakistani and Indian Designs

Finger rings have been adorned for centuries in India and have always held a symbolic significance. A ritualistic adornment for married women in India, finger rings have also been an ethnic accessory for women of all age groups. Finger rings essentially signify the marital status of women in Indian subcontinent. Different rings have different cultural significance for women.

At Moons Couture we take pride in creating handcrafted Pakistani jewellery including finger rings that take hours and hours of minute detailing and imagination of our craftsmen who put their heart and soul into every piece they craft. We are experts in using every type of metal including gold, silver and artificial material and use real gemstones and rocks to furnish those masterpieces. Our products are getting worldwide acclamations and we regularly ship our hand-crafted bundles of joy to all over the world.

Free Consultation by Our Experts on Buying Jewellery

We encourage both virtual and in person consultations before you order your jewelry from us so we can understand your requirements and find your line of style that suits you the most. Once the consultation is done and we agree to create a product, our experts start working on the minute details and handcraft the stunning jewelry that would brighten your special day.

Importance of Rings in Desi Culture

A finger ring had always had a special place in Indian subcontinent jewelry and its traditions. It is considered one of the most revered and most worn pieces of jewelry and has many mythical and legendary values attached to it.

During or even before wedding, putting a ring in one another’s finger is considered as the most important part of the wedding. It is widely believed that fingers have nerves, which are directly connected to the body, and each finger represents an important emotional and physical area of ones being. These rings help establish that connection. For example, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger which is associated with heart and its feelings.

Types of Rings

Rings are primarily made in metallic, beaded and gemstone embellished designs. Traditional rings are generally made of precious metal. Wedding and engagement rings for instance are made of gold. However, now a day’s people opt for the artificial jewelry more as it is pocket friendly and with ever changing fashion trends it is convenient to spend minimal amount instead of doing huge investment on expensive materials. Ornately embellished rings are generally worn to special occasions. However, gemstone rings have an astrological significance in Indian culture and popular stones like diamonds, sapphire and pearls can be worn on one particular finger. Each stone is said to have significance and remedial powers.

Moons Couture offer the most stunning designs which depict our craftsmanship and order directly or you can also buy our regal and traditionally beautiful Jewellery from our stockiest.


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