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Pakistani and Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets

Moons Couture is the go-to place for finding the best bridal Jewellery in the United Kingdom. We have all sorts of Indian and Pakistani artificial jewellery at our disposal. If you’re on the lookout for some artificial bridal jewellery sets with gold plating, we can provide that as well. The quality we provide here is unmatched by all in the UK.

We operate exclusively from Milton Keynes with the option of home delivery in the UK and more than 160 countries around the world. Feel free to get in touch with our team for more information on the best bridal sets for you. You can also get in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Rahma Bridal Collection

Rahma Bridal Collection

Importance of Bridal Jewellery Sets in a Desi Wedding

Jewellery sets are some of the most in-demand things in the wedding season that arrives each year when a plethora of families arrange weddings. A wedding event is a very important and prestigious event not just for the boy but also for the girl. For the event, the bride must be well prepared and ready accordingly, and bridal sets are an integral part of the overall bride getup.

There are two main types of bridal Jewellery that brides wear these days in wedding events. One is original Gold Jewellery that is worn by brides and also by others in marriage events. The other is artificial or imitation Jewellery, which is a very good affordable alternative to gold Jewellery and is made of artificial materials to look just like original Gold Jewellery. One can’t differentiate between actual and imitation Jewellery easily.

Not only adorning herself with some timeless bridal Jewellery is every girl’s ultimate dream but it also helps her stands out as the epitome of feminity.  Bridal sets have established such a reputation during the weddings that it has almost become a ritual to adorn a bride with a bridal set. Ancient Vedic scriptures dictate the Solah Shringar with which they proclaim a woman must adorn herself. Solah Shringar or sixteen embellishments comprise of bindi, necklaces, earrings, flowers in the hair, finger rings, bangles, armlets, waistbands, ankle bells, kajal, toe rings, henna, perfume, sandal wood paste, the upper garment and lower garment. Interestingly, many of the above mentioned ornaments are related to bridal Jewellery. Lets have a detailed look at the bridal Jewellery that the brides now a day’s prefer to adorn themselves with.

Necklace Set

A necklace set tops the list of bridal Jewellery and is considered to be the highlight of the whole lot of Jewellery pieces that an Indian bride wears on her big day. A necklace set is mostly comprised of the necklace, earrings and finger ring. Every different piece of Jewellery in the necklace set has its own importance and charm and every single piece of ornament creates an aura of confidence and elegance for the bride.

Rahma Bridal Sets

Rahma Bridal Sets


We are not talking about your regular standard necklace. We mean business when we say bridal necklace. There are numerous types of bridal necklaces but some of the traditional choices never go out of fashion and are always popular within the brides.


Choker is a necklace that is wrapped around the neck and has gained immense popularity in both eastern and western world.   Choker is the best choice when you are wearing low cut or strapless blouse and compliment Lehngas and indo western gowns. Kundan or pearl choker is unbeatable in style and beauty.

Rani Haar

Rani Haar is a necklace that hangs a little low on the neck with either single or multi string. Typically it is paired with another necklace such as choker to enhance the effect and is a popular choice for traditional brides.


Satlada in terms of looks is very close to the Rani Haar but has its own unique look. Satlada has seven layers of pearls or gems that are attached to each other you can decrease the rows as there are pachlada and teenlada are available too.


As the name suggest, this timeless classic of a necklace has nine different precious and semi precious gems and has recently became popular when wore by Mira Rajput Kapoor at her wedding and later by Masaba Gupta.


This is the most basic yet most popular style of necklace.  It is also called the princess necklace and sits just below the collarbone. Round or sweetheart necklines work best for such necklace as they complement each other.

Reemas Bridal set in Emerald

Reemas Bridal set in Emerald

Bib Necklace

Again as the name suggests, bib necklace is shaped similar to an infant’s bib and is typically large in size. This type of necklace commands a style statement that is not possible with any other type of necklace. Bib necklace with crescent hangings are very popular now a days.

Aadh Necklace

Aadh necklace is half shaped as choker and the rest of the half is consisted upon strings of triangles. Rajhistani brides love to wear this style of necklace. It looks great with a low and square neckline.

Collar Necklace

This is the safest choice for brides. Collar necklace is pretty similar to choker necklace but lie closer to or on the collarbone instead of tightly wrapped around the neck itself as choker does. It’s best worn with low neck line so the Jewellery stand out and make bigger and better impact.

Necklaces out of the way now we take a look at the other items.


Earrings is a must have accessory to wear with bridal necklace as both complement each other. A necklace set is never complete without the matching ear rings. Obviously there is a plethora of choice available when it comes to the styles of the earrings you would like to choose. We have Jhumka, cluster earrings, studs, hoop earrings, dangler earrings, chandelier earrings, drop earrings, ear cuffs, feather earrings, huggie earrings, tassel earrings and so on. So we can comfortably say that a bride has enough to choose from when it comes to bridal Jewellery collection.

Finger Rings

It is popularly believed in indo Pak culture that nerves attached to the fingers represent important emotional and physical area of ones being. These rings help establish that connection. Same is the story with wedding ring as it is worn on the ring finger and is associated straight to the heart and its feelings. Different types of rings include diamond rings, gold rings, class rings, wedding bands, moissanite rings, silver rings and birthstone rings. Usually with the bridal set a ring is specially manufactured to compliment the rest of the set.

Maang Tikka

Retaaj Bridal Set

Retaaj Bridal Set

A maang Tikka is an essential for Indian bridal solah Shringar and is a must at a traditional Indian wedding. Falling on the forehead of the bride, the maang tikka simply adds the elegance to her already enhanced look. Maang tikka is available in different enchanting designs such as over sized maang tikkas, small pendant style, jhoomar or passa, one tier maatha patti, multi tier matha patti, borla, side swept style and so on. It does not matter what style does the bride picks as longs as it complements the rest of the Jewellery wore by her, it’s a job well done.


For centuries, bangles have been an indispensable part of an Indian bride and by extension an Indian married woman. There is no way that you can complete the bridal look without the stunning set of bangles. This piece of Jewellery signifies good fortune and prosperity and is a mark of the husband’s long life. For Indian sub continent brides, bangles are a must have item that they must adorn themselves with on the auspicious occasion of wedding. The usual items are Kara and Choori that are made in several different designs and are revered by the brides.

Moons Couture Bridal Sets

We specialize in creating amazingly intricate and breathtaking designs for Pakistani and Indian jewellery. Thanks to our dedicated team of craftsmen who devote their time and skills to handcraft those pieces of art with minute attention to detail. 22 K gold plated Jewellery strung with real pearls and rocks make it certain that whoever adorn herself with those sets, shine like a diamond at the special occasion. A clear mark of the quality and popularity of our products is that our Jewellery is now being showcased at the Jeroche Fashion House Manchester and is accumulating tremendous response. We offer private consultations to incorporate your personalized ideas so we can create the sensational bridal collection for your big day. Both online and personnel consultations are offered and can be booked either online or via phone. For our work of art, seeing is believing. Come and have a look at the handcrafted treasure at

What is Artificial Jewellery?

Constructed of metals that can be easily molded into any shape, artificial or imitation Jewellery has gained significant popularity over the past few decades, especially in the sub-continent. These days, real materials like gemstones are also a part of the Jewellery to make it look as real as possible. So, identifying real Jewellery from imitation Jewellery isn’t easy anymore.

Reemas Bridal Collection

Reemas Bridal Collection

Real Gold Jewellery vs. Artificial Jewellery

The key difference between actual Jewellery and artificial ornaments is the price and authenticity of the material used in the construction of jewels. Gold or diamond ornaments are very expensive and cost a lot of money to manufacture. Imitation ornaments look just like real Jewellery, but the material used in its construction is cheap metals that greatly reduce the construction price. That’s the reason why artificial ornaments are so cheap.

Advantages of Artificial Jewellery

The biggest advantage of artificial Jewellery is that it’s a cost-effective way of trying out different bridal styles to see which one suits them best. When you purchase actual gold sets, it becomes difficult to replace them should you want. Secondly, imitation Jewellery is also used for fashion.

Imitation Jewellery looks just as good as real gold ornaments, which is arguably its biggest advantage. It is very inexpensive when we compare its overall costs to actual gold, which is an advantage. If you’re looking for good artificial ornaments, you should look out for those that use real stones in their construction. Those ornaments are much better than simple artificial Jewellery.

What is Bridal Jewellery?

Bridal ornaments are what brides wear in their wedding events. It comes in both original Gold and artificial forms. Artificial is less expensive as compared to its gold counterpart that is a key advantage. A combo of matching clothes and Jewellery is ideal for the bride, which is why choosing the right bridal set is so important. Choosing a good dress is important, but selecting the right set for wearing is an integral part of the bride’s getup.

Rawaan Bridal Collection

Rawaan Bridal Collection

Why Should Bridal Jewellery be worn?

Bridal Jewellery is different from other ornaments in looks and adds a lot more class to the overall look of the girl. A matching bridal set with a matching wedding dress makes it the perfect appearance for the girl. If ornaments are part of the family Jewellery as is the case in so many sub-continent families then it should be worn no matter what to keep up with family traditions.

Bridal Jewellery is so integral to the entire wedding event that the entire proceeding can be planned around the Jewellery. For example, the color of the dress and the bridal set can be the theme of the entire event, and matching Jewellery always looks better.

Things to keep in mind before Wearing a Bridal Set

There are a few important things one needs to keep in mind before wearing a bridal set. The first thing is that the set must not be too old and should be polished nicely. Otherwise, it doesn’t leave a good impression on the bride. Having real gemstones in the bridal set enhances the beauty of the set.

The set must be in sync with the dress of the bride to make her look better and should also match the overall dress theme. It should in no way clash with the makeup or face shape of the bride. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good to the way the girl looks.

Is Artificial Bridal Jewellery Recommended?

Yes, artificial bridal sets can be easily used at weddings, as you can find them in various colours and designs to go with your bridal dress. Price is always an advantage as one can buy many artificial sets at the price of one gold set. Imitation ornaments look as good as real gold Jewellery, and that is their biggest forte.

Retaaj Bridal Collection

Retaaj Bridal Collection

Artificial ornaments are very safe and secure. Even if someone tries to rob you of your jewels, artificial Jewellery doesn’t cost much so you wouldn’t lose too much. These sets can be worn outside a wedding function as well with ease. If you buy bridal sets from Moonscouture, they will last for a long time. Moonscouture has bridal sets of Pakistani and Indian Jewellery, and we have some of the best bridal sets you can find.

Where to Find Bridal Jewellery?

There are many places where one can expect to find bridal Jewellery in the world. It depends on the kind of ornaments you’d like to buy. If you want to purchase Pakistani or Indian Jewellery, you can find it in the respective countries. Another solution would be to look out for online stores that deliver ornaments of such kind to places around the world.

Is Online Bridal Jewellery Purchase Recommended?

Buying anything from a website is risky as one is never sure about the credibility of the platform. But, if you’re on the hunt for a nice bridal set in the UK or abroad, you can get it from Moonscouture. Finding Indian and Pakistani Jewellery in the UK, Europe, and other western countries is quite difficult, so having a platform that delivers items to your doorstep is a very good online solution for your problem.


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