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Choker Sets in Indian and Pakistani Designs

A choker is a type of traditional necklace that wraps around the neck in tight proximity. Choker have been the highest ranked type of traditional necklaces and are regarded a must have piece at weddings and parties and enhance the elegance and beauty of the wearer many folds.

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At Moons Couture we are at ease when it comes to create the timelessly classic necklaces and chokers that are the result of our craftsmen’s masterful skills and unmatched imaginations. Chokers designed and created by us are sold all over the world and are loved by many celebrities.

Importance of Chokers in Jewellery

History of chokers is centuries old goes back to around 17th century when women were wearing them to protect their necks. During the French revolution, they were worn by women to make certain political statements. In mid 1900 it became a symbol or royalty and power and changed its shape and materials many times during that period.

Chokers were picked up in Indian and Pakistani traditional jewellery long time ago and are now the talk of the town when it comes to any wedding ceremony or party wear occasion. Chokers in traditional designs feature glitzy designs and remarkable work of pearls and stones and make the wearer appear royal and exquisite.

UK and Worldwide Delivery from Pakistani Jewellery Specialists in UK

Moons Couture offer its magnificent and statuesque products to over 160 countries without a hint of child labour involved. Our dedicated team of jewellery designers and craftsmen help us produce elegant and stunning designs to satisfy a large customer’s base. Our primary focus is always our customer and we provide personnel consultations so our clients can get their dream designs carved in to reality. Our craftsmen invest a great deal of effort to produce great designs with precious and semi precious materials and make it even prettier by decorating it with carefully procured stones and gems. We encourage you to visit either our website or our stockists to see our most sold and revered designs.   You can book consultations via whatsapp, online or by dropping us an email.


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