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Pakistani Wedding Jewellery for Sale

Wedding Jewellery Collection by Moons Couture

Moons Couture specializes in wedding jewellery and its craftsmen can create designs that are way too complex and tricky for any other jewellery maker. Their experience and craftsmanship is unmatched to any other. Our jewellery is making waves all over the world and many celebrities are endorsing our jewellery line with pride.

The most momentous day for a girl is her wedding day. It’s the day that she envisioned since her childhood and planning for that day starts when she attends first wedding ever. Her ultimate desire for that day is to look perfect in each sense and stand out from the crowd. Her costume, accessories and makeup all play vital role in helping her look uniquely attractive and elegant but there is no denying that the real difference is made by the lavish and splendid jewellery that is made especially for that occasion. It’s easy for anyone to match the outfit, hairstyle, makeup or shoes that a bride may wear but it’s always a tough task to upstage the jewellery that a bride adorns on her special day.

Indian and Pakistani Wedding Jewellery Sets in Stock

Wedding jewellery includes Maang Tikka, nose ring, ear ring, Necklace, finger rings, bracelets, waistband, Anklets, and toe rings. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before taking up the task to buy the jewellery. Never buy the jewellery based on an outfit. Your jewellery is way more important than a Lehnga that you may wear only once in your life. You may wear your jewellery many time even after that. Always buy the whole jewellery in the same shade. Never mix it up on your big day. Experiment with different designs since you are not going to wear the same jewellery all the time so have different styles and jewels used to create the master pieces.

You should act early to create the best designs at your big day. Our advice is to contact Moons Couture at least a month ahead so we can create the intricate designs that you have in mind and even then if you need any altercations, you can do so with ease. You can check our stunning designs at J Roche House of Fashion Manchester who are collaborating with us to showcase our jewellery. You can contact us at our phone numbers or our whatsapp for personnel consultations or just drop a line at the email address.


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