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Nikkah jewellery Collection

Best Jewellery for Your Nikkah Day

Pakistani jewellery is so versatile and multi dimensional that there is different kind of jewellery designs for each occasion. For the wedding and bridal wear, the jewellery is on the heavier side and is way more detailed. On the occasion of Nikkah though, it is different story. Jewellery at Nikkah ceremony leans more towards the lighter side and the usual rule of thumb is “less is more”. Simplistic and elegant designs suit the occasion and its spirit.

Why Buy your Nikkah Day Jewellery from Moons Couture

Moons Couture is expert UK based jewellery makers that produce stunning designs of Nikkah jewellery that can dazzle on your special day and can compliment your dress and personality. We have countless designs that are ready to wear and many more that we can produce on order to suit your needs.

Nikkah is one of the most important days of a girl’s life and this is the day that she waits for all her life to shine. It is important for her to look sensational and some help from the jewellery with ravishing designs never goes unnoticed. It would not be wrong to say that at a ceremony like Nikkah a bride can only stand out with her choice of the dazzling jewellery and outfit. For Nikkah a studded necklace, bangles and Jhumkas are essentials that are considered a norm in Nikkah jewellery.

Stunning Nikkah Wear Jewellery Designs by Moons Couture in UK

Moons Couture has a long tradition of serving our customers with striking and spectacular designs in Nikkah jewellery. We believe that secret of our success is in listening to our customer’s demands and requirements. We offer personnel consultations so the customers can instruct us about the intricacies and minute details about the designs and wishes of their imagined jewellery. If you are looking for a quick fix to add some style of your special day than no need to worry as J Roche House of Fashion Manchester is collaborating with us to showcase some amazing Nikkah jewellery that you can purchase and wear immediately. Contact us to book your consultations or see the readymade designs in store.


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