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Latest Indian and Pakistani Bangles in Stock Now

Bangles hold an imperative place in a woman’s life as not only it signifies the beauty of the woman but also represent the full and upbeat family life of a married woman. Bangles have been a part of desi and Pakistani culture for a long time. Bare arms of a woman are considered a sign of impoverished lifestyle and bad luck.

Moons Couture, the Pakistani jewellery specialists in UK is proud to produce elegant and exquisite designs of various bangle styles and have expert craftsmen who can create them in precious and semi precious metals. Our carefully procured gems from all over the world can enhance the beauty and design of those bangles and the bangles made by us are sold and loved all over the world.

Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets and bangles are two different types of wrist ornaments. Bracelets are flexible chain or strand based piece of jewellery that wraps around the wrist while bangles are solid round shaped ornament that is more traditional in Indian culture. There are many types of bangles that include Kangan,Wrist trinkets, Metal bangles, Bazu bandh, Chooda, and Shakha pola. These beautiful and traditional designs are the results of centuries old craftsmen ship and enhance the beauty of a women many folds.

Handmade Jewellery

Capable and talented jewellery specialists at Moons Couture are able to produce delicate and intricate designs in all kind of bangles to suite your style and compliment your natural beauty. Using precious and semi precious metals and all kinds of gems and stones we produce some of the finest jewellery that sells worldwide to over 160 countries with 0 child labour involved in the process. Our focus is always our esteemed customers so we provide consultations to discuss the individual styles that suite their personality. You can book an appointment by phone, whatsapp or by dropping us an email. A testament of the quality of our jewellery is that it is being sold in Je Roche Fashion House in Manchester and can be procured from our website as well. You can contact us for consultations or order online.


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