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Pakistani Anklets for sale online

Golden and Silver Anklets in the Latest Pakistani and Indian Designs

Anklets serve the same purpose that bracelets do for your wrist. As a bracelet shines and dazzles your wrist, an anklet, stuns the onlooker and fascinate everyone with its presence. In Desi culture anklets are known as Payal and are very popular piece of jewellery. Various exciting and fascinating designs are produced in Desi culture to make it even more dazzling.

Moons Couture, being the specialists n Indian and Pakistani jewellery in UK proudly boasts jewellery makers that specialize in creating stunning designs in both precious and semi precious metals with all kind of stones used and purchased from all over the world. We specialize in intricate wedding and party wearing anklets that take many hours of skilful designing and creating the magnificent jewellery. Our anklets are revered and sold worldwide and we can produce them on order as well.

Importance of Anklets in Pakistani Jewellery

Anklets or Payal as known in our culture has centuries old history. Pre dynastic history reveals that women of Babylon and ancient Egypt created and wore anklets made from precious and semi precious stones and metals.  Both ancient Indian and south Indian women had a long history of rocking the anklets for over 8000 years. They wore anklets with jingles that created spell binding sound when they walked and this trend is still a rage in desi fashion. Anklets also help wives attract the attention of their husbands.

At Moons Couture, we not only provide spectacular designs in anklets but we can help you create a bespoke piece of art according to your requirements and desires. Our striking designs are on display at Je Roche Fashion house in Manchester and can be made on order if needed. Whether you are looking for bridal jewellery sets or party wear, you can book consultations by phone, whatsapp, or by just dropping an email to us.


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