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Moons Couture 2020 Collection

Latest Jewellery Designs by Moons Couture

Although 2020 has proved to be a night mare year for the whole world without exception but we kept ourselves busy and created some amazing pieces of jewellery to satisfy our customer base and their demands. Our jewellery makers and craftsmen kept producing stunning designs and master pieces as the demand kept growing from our customers.

As with any exceptional jewellery outfit, we had a lot on our plate when it came to the ever increasing demand from our loyal and quality conscious clientele. Our bridal wear and Nikkah and party wear especially kept us busy as the stunning designs not only attracted the formal clientele but also some A list celebrities too.

Our collection of Kundan jewellery proved to be a big success as we received appreciation and demand from all over the world for our breath taking and sensational designs. Our heavily studded Kundan sets became the talk of the town and were adorned by the formal clients and celebrities alike.

Our quest to create innovative, daring and astonishing designs went into full swing when we turned our attention to cater the categories such as anklets, bangles, bracelets, earrings, Maalas, necklaces, rings and Tikkas. All those individual pieces of jewellery require different set of skills and dedication to create different master pieces.

We tried to cover every special occasion and its specific jewellery such as Engagement jewellery, Nikkah jewellery, party wear jewellery, and bridal jewellery and took the spirit of each special and unique occasion and instilled it into the jewellery that we created especially for those occasions.

You can have a detailed look at the jewellery designs by visiting Moons Couture website and can book a consultation by simply calling us or contacting us by whatsapp or dropping an email.


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